Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Weight Loss

  • Extra virgin olive oil burns brown fat
  • Extra virgin olive oil speeds up fat burning
  • Extra virgin olive oil reduces inflammation

 Extra virgin olive oil is perhaps the king of the healthy fats. Extra virgin olive oil should be considered essential to any weight loss or weight maintenance plan because it has so many unique properties that promote weight loss and stable weight control.

Speeds up Fat Burning

Extra virgin olive oil has been demonstrated to increase the rate of fat oxidation after ingestion. This means that when you consume extra virgin olive oil, you actually will begin to increase your rate of fat burning. An emerging area of research for nutrition science is how different foods slow or speed up the rate of fat oxidation. Extra virgin olive oil is at the top of the list of fats for weight loss because it speeds up fat burning

Extra virgin olive oil has also been demonstrated to act as a potent ant-oxidant, lowering inflammation, which aids blood sugar. Another emerging area of nutrition science is understanding how inflammation of the cells that line our arteries is an underlying cause of weight gain.

Reduces Inflammation

The critical thing to understand about micro inflammation of the arteries is that it impairs blood sugar metabolism. This kind of inflammation promotes fat storage and makes weight loss difficult. Extra virgin olive oil acts as a potent ant-oxidant, working to lower inflammation.

Burns Brown Fat

Finally, extra virgin olive oil has been shown to help burn stubborn brown fat. Studies in rats demonstrate that extra virgin olive oil stimulates a key protein required for your body to release brown fat and increases key hormones such as noradrenalin and adrenaline which are required to burn brown fat.

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