Good Sources of Protein

Next to water, protein is perhaps the most important and abundant component of your body. Your body needs it to repair tissue; it's an important part of building muscles, bones, skin, blood, and cartilage; and it's used to make hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals that your body uses. Because of this, it's necessary to eat foods rich in protein. Here are several good sources of protein that you should start including in your diet.

Lean beef

Don't just get any slab of meat--go for the lean variety of beef, which can actually reduce your blood pressure, and lower your risk of stroke and heart disease. Lean beef is also a great source of iron, vitamin B12, and zinc. If you can help it, try grass-fed beef, which is generally healthier, has more nutrients, and has plenty of fatty acids that are good for you.


If you want an affordable yet rich source of protein, then make eggs a regular part of your diet. The organic DHA-rich eggs, in particular, are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. To reduce the cholesterol, you can take out the yolk and eat only the whites. One egg white alone provides about 4 grams of protein. It would also keep you full for several hours.

Dairy foods

If you prefer vegetables, then you can still have your fill of protein through dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese, which are also great sources of vitamin D and calcium. Just make sure you consume the low-fat or skim versions to keep off the calories. That way, you can avoid osteoporosis and the excess weight at the same time.

White meat poultry

Turkey and chicken are excellent sources of protein and essential fatty acids, as long as you consume them without any of the fatty skin. For an even healthier and more flavorful alternative, eat the organic versions, which are actually better sources of protein without the cholesterol. Furthermore, white meat poultry also provides zinc, several B vitamins, and nutrients that are said to help ease depression.


They may be smaller, but you shouldn't underestimate the amount of protein provided by beans. Eating a half a cup of the stuff gives you the same amount of proteins as an ounce of grilled steak. Aside from being a rich source of protein, beans come with fiber, which lowers cholesterol, helps control blood sugar levels, decrease the risk of polyps, and regulate bowel movement.


If you want a healthy source of protein, look no further. Soy, which is made from soybean, is already a complete source of protein because it has all the essential amino acids that your body requires. Soy provides the same amount of content as meat; but unlike meat, soy has no cholesterol or fat. In fact, consuming about soy can help lower your cholesterol.

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