Healthy weight loss tips

Healthy weight loss tips

Healthy weight loss tips

Many people succeed in losing significant weight in a short period of time, but they quickly gain it back, so it is preferable to lose weight in a healthy way. We will learn about the most important tips for losing weight in a healthy manner.

Healthy weight loss tips
Losing weight is a difficult journey that may be lengthy for those with large weights, but it is necessary to start with it to avoid the many health risks caused by obesity.

Here are some tips to lose weight in a healthy way:

Healthy weight loss tips

Long-term changes to your eating habits and lifestyle are better than following a strict diet program for a certain period of time.

People who lose weight in a healthy manner and for a long period of time are more able to maintain the new weight, as the normal rate of weight loss ranges between half a kilo to one kilo per week.


Here are some tips for healthy weight loss:

1. Self-monitoring
It is one of the most important factors in losing weight, as you have to monitor the quantity and quality of food you eat.

You can use a notepad or a phone notepad to write down all the foods and drinks you eat throughout the day and assess your compliance.

2. Doing sports
It is recommended to do moderate intensity exercises for an hour a day, such as: brisk walking. You can also start exercising gradually and increase the intensity over time.

People with heart problems, diabetes or any other health problem need to talk to their doctor about the level of exercise they can do.

3. Reduce Calories:
Losing weight requires burning more calories than those taken through food. It is recommended to eat low-calorie foods that make you feel full at the same time, such as: vegetables.

4. Reducing carbohydrates
Examples of carbohydrates include rice, pasta, and bread.

Where carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the blood, which stimulates the secretion of insulin, which works to enter glucose into the tissues to produce energy.

Meanwhile, insulin also prevents fat burning and the storage of excess glucose as fat.

5. Reduce fat
It is recommended to reduce the intake of fats that contribute to weight gain significantly.

But there is no objection to including healthy fats in your diet in reasonable quantities, such as: olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc., as they help to feel full and improve your mood.

6. Reduce sugars
There are tips for losing weight that cannot be ignored, the most important of which is to reduce the intake of sweets, soft drinks, and foods with added sugar, such as: some types of sauces and canned vegetables, as these foods contribute to an increase in the waist circumference.

7. Eat foods rich in fiber
It is one of the important tips to help lose weight, as fiber helps you feel full and reduce the desire to eat.
Its sources include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, oats, lentils, beans and others.

8. Drinking a lot of water:
Many people may confuse the feeling of hunger and thirst, which leads to them eating more food than they need, so it is recommended to drink more water throughout the day.

9. Eat at specific times
Regulating eating and setting specific meal times helps increase the speed of burning calories.

It may reduce your desire to eat snacks, such as: chips, cookies, chocolate and other foods rich in fats and sugars.

10. Measuring portions
Eating large quantities of food, even if foods with few calories can lead to weight gain, so it is necessary to measure the quantities consumed and use measuring cups, and not to take guesswork that leads to eating more than needed.


Weight loss benefits

Following tips to lose weight in a healthy way and get rid of excess weight will bring great benefits to your health, including the following:

Reduce the risk of heart disease:
Losing weight helps reduce cholesterol levels, and control blood pressure and diabetes, if you have them.

Get rid of stomach acid:
Belly fat puts pressure on the stomach, causing stomach acid to reflux into the esophagus. This suffering is greatly reduced when losing excess weight.

Sleep comfortably:
Some obese patients suffer from sleep apnea syndrome, this problem decreases a lot and may disappear when the excess fat is removed.

Reduce joint pain:
When weight is reduced, the extra burden that was carried by the joints is reduced, which reduces pain even in those who suffer from irritation of the nerves.

Fertility improvement:
Reducing weight helps regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce androgen levels if they are high, as well as prevent type 2 diabetes.
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