Non-Fat Milk Beats Soy Protein Post Workout

 If you are trying to gain muscle or lose weight supplementing with soy protein, you might save your money and reach for the non-fat milk.

A new study out of Canada compares soy protein to milk for post workout recovery.

56 young men were studied over a 12 week period utilizing either soy protein as a post workout meal or simple non-fat milk.

The results were conclusive. Milk does a body good –way better than soy protein at least.

Not surprising when you consider soy protein promotes estrogen synthesis. More estrogen never helps much for weight loss or muscle growth.

Rule of Thumb: Non-fat milk makes muscles grow.


Consumption of fat-free fluid milk after resistance exercise promotes greater lean mass accretion than does consumption of soy or carbohydrate in young, novice, male weightlifters.
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