What are Some Free Tools Personal Trainers Use?

Personal trainers play a significant role in the lives of people dedicated to keeping fit or losing the extra pounds. They are equipped with the knowledge and training on physical fitness as well as the certification to perform their job for a certain fee.

As a personal trainer, this person needs to have the right tools to help his client reach his or her goals. It is not enough that they have the educational background and training.

For people who may not be financially capable of paying a personal trainer, they can still pursue their dream of having a fit body using some free tools. With the internet providing a wealth of information on almost any subject and downloadable materials at absolutely no cost, they can find reliable resources to help them reach their objectives in life.

BMI calculators

BMI refers to body mass index which is normally based on person’s height and weight. A normal BMI should be a number between 18 and 25.

This information is highly important in creating a personalized exercise plan. It is also used by personal trainers to find out if losing weight is ideal for a particular person.

To calculate your BMI, there are calculators available on the website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The site also provides charts for both kids and adults.

Your own food plan

It is possible for you to come up with your own food plan. To help you formulate this, you can check out  mypyramid.gov which provides free tools for this purpose. On the site, you can type in your age, gender, height, weight and the minutes you spend for doing physical activity.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you will then be provided with the right amount of food most ideal for you. These include vegetables, fruits, milk, protein and grains and the amount is provided in cups and ounces.

In case the tool finds you weighing more than usual, you will be provided with two food plans. One is focused on your present weight while the second one is meant to help you lose weight in a gradual manner.

Downloadable materials

It’s very common these days to find free downloadable materials on the internet. You can also find free personal trainer tools such as the Polar Precision Performance SW and Kontor Sports. The software can serve as your guide in designing an appropriate training session for your fitness needs.

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